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When Chickens Crow

Thank you for not only stopping by but for going out of your way to find me. This is my first venture into the blogosphere and I really hope it appears that way, because if it does that would mean things can only go up from here.

I guess now would be a good time to introduce you to the greatest influencer of my life and the reason for the title of my blog, my grandfather. Truth was utterly important to my grandfather and he had the most confounding ways of presenting his truths and ideas. It’s taken me decades to unravel some of his truisms and each time one unravels, it brings to mind a vivid memory and usually a chuckle. The following conversation took place between my grandfather and my five year old self. I hope you enjoy it.

Me: Papa, why does telling the truth get some people in trouble sometimes?

Papa: Oh, because most likely they started out telling a lie, then when they couldn’t remember all the lies, the truth had to come out. By then everybody’s mad at somebody or somebody is mad at everybody.

Me: So it’s not just kids that lie?

Papa: No Baby, Grown folks lie too and they’re better at it.

Me: Then Papa, When will people learn telling the truth is better than lying?

Papa: When chickens crow.

Me: You mean when roosters crow Papa.

Papa: No Baby, no I don’t. Some folks will only tell the truth when chickens crow.

Me: I don’t understand Papa, chickens don’t crow.

Papa: That’s right Baby.

My Papa insisted on living within the confines of truth no matter the cost to yourself or others; in the end the value received would be worth the cost.

Within these pages and until I no longer have the urge to write, my life and my truth will be on display. On the days in which I write about my life, I will use no names other than mine because by doing so would demand a defense by others and I give no one the right to defend their actions in my life, they were what they were, no changing or excusing what has happened.

From the time of my birth and until very recently, I’ve had to apologize to one person or another simply because I existed. No longer. This is the beginning of my absolutely, unapologetic telling of MY life, as I lived it, as it was demanded of me to live it.

The Chickens are crowing Papa!!!! The Chickens are crowing!!!

Most of the un-named people of whom I will write about are deceased. Perhaps, the timing of my writing was divinely inspired to allow the ones who thought themselves virtuous, [who refused to admit to the damage done to me by their actions], time to make their exit. Regardless of the lies they told me, others and themselves and in spite of the reasons they sought to break me, they’re gone and I yet live to tell my truth!