Thank You!

Hello everyone! It’s been months since I’ve posted here and while I have missed reaching out to all of you through this medium, many of you were actually the reason I had not posted.

When I began this journey in August of 2019, I could not have guessed that these imperfect musings and error laden writings would have reached so many! Can you imagine my feelings of incredulity when I received a stat of this blog stating that people across the world were reading these imperfect musings? Readers from the United States, China, France, Portugal, Germany, South Africa, Norway, Turkey, India, Canada, Hungary, Uganda, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Brazil, Singapore, Tunisia, Netherlands, Australia, Kenya, Sweden, Jamaica and South Korea! Please know that my decision to recite these Countries was not birthed from pride but from an thoroughly unbelievable, unimaginable, sincere sense of unworthiness. To have had so many to think me worthy of their time and to have offered such encouragement by the word of mouth spreading of my blog, have humbled me deeply. It was because of that encouragement and your asking me to expound upon several posts, that I have spent the last six or seven months trying my best to fulfill those request by publishing my first book.

Although much of the book will be familiar to those of you who have followed my blog, I have included chapters at the end of the book that I could not or was not emotionally able to complete here. It took months of doubt, rivers of tears, and a whole lot of propping up by family and friends and the deep unshakable faith shown in me by my now, 9 year old granddaughter Chloe and 9 year old grandson Jayden, who allowed those chapters to escape my heart and land on the pages of My Brother Was My Keeper.

In completing this effort, I have discovered that I am not a fan of self-promotion but, I’ve been told that if I want as many people to meet my brother as possible, and that was the impetus for all of this, then this is exactly what I must do. If you are interested in purchasing the book please copy and paste either of the links below:

From Amazon Books:

From Amazon Kindle:

From Barnes and Noble:

It is my utmost wish that you will find the book worthy of your time. If you do indeed read My Brother Was My Keeper, please leave a review on the Suppliers site or drop me an email from this site. Thank you and may the Graciousness of the Alpha and Omega, The Supreme One, The Comforter and Mashiach, follow you. Finally, I wish it was possible to express the gratitude that I feel, please know that I do appreciate you. I’ll be around.

My Brother Was My Keeper

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